Victorian Dollhouse

This Barbie sized dollhouse boasts 4 huge rooms, as well as a secret attic which can be divided into another two rooms. It has sufficient room to accommodate all of the Barbie sized furniture currently available from us. Both front walls open outward to reveal the inside of the house (similar to a book), whilst the roof opens backwards to expose the attic. The house comes complete with working doors, and has 2 balconies, one on each floor. In kit form, the doors, windows and trimmings are all pre-hung, while the outside walls pre-painted in lavender and soft pink. The gingerbread trimmings are in either white or brown (wood) colour.  Due to the size and complexity in assembly, this house is sold as a fully assembled unit. The walls of this house are constructed of imported 9mm MDF (wood), and the house once built, is solid and rigid as each panel is laser or CNC cut to precision. The actual size of the house is approximately 1000mm (h) X 750mm (w) X 420mm (d) and weighs 15kg’s. To add further interest to the house, there is the option to add a working doorbell, as well as a battery operated 8 lamp LED lighting kit.

This house is the perfect accessory to any little girls bedroom decor and coupled with its matching sized furniture which is also available, it will allow the kid to play out countless scenarios with the Barbie fashion dolls that they already own. The various arrangement of furniture in the house, as well as the changing location of the different rooms in the dollhouse promotes creativity and interest in kids, and this is guaranteed to keep the kid stimulated for hours on end. This well-crafted, three-story dollhouse is made of first class materials, brightly painted to create a cheery home that any child will be proud to own. This house will become a family heirloom that the kid will eventually outgrow! Dollhouses of these sizes have been historically very costly to manufacture as most pieces were handcrafted, but thanks to technology, we are able to provide more accurately detailed pieces, in far less time. We usually have a 5day lead time for manufacturing this dollhouse, due to the level of detail and craftmanship involved in perfecting this flagship Barbie dollhouse. All houses are hand finished to give it that extra touch!

This is by far our most popular dollhouse due to its size, versatility, design and price.

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