Welcome to Mini Mansions

Welcome to the Minimansions online store.
Minimansions offer a fine selection of wooden Barbie dollhouses and dollhouse accessories, as well as various other toys for girls and boys.
Dollhouses have tremendous play value and are every little girls dream. If you are looking for the perfect gift for your little one, then look no further….
Our dollhouses are proudly manufactured in SA, are of a quality second to none. They are available in various styles, colours and sizes to suit different tastes, budgets and requirements. They can comfortably accommodate most fashion doll sizes (like Barbie, Bratz, Polly Pocket) and have furniture that fit perfectly too. All of our dollhouses have opening walls, windows, doors and roof (unless otherwise specified) and are delivered either as fully assembled houses or flatpacked as a kit.
Our dollhouses in kit form, come with prepainted walls on the outside, prehung doors and windows and an easy-to-understand assembly instruction guide. The assembly of a kit-form dollhouse is a fun project in itself, and would take approximately one hour to assemble, using a basic tab and slot assembly process with screws to keep the house rigid.
Dollhouses are generally suited for play for girls up to 14 years of age, but of course there is no restriction when it comes to the decorating and finishing of the dollhouse!
A dollhouse is the ideal bedroom accessory for every little girls bedroom and each dollhouse can be made as individual as the little owner wants it to be.
The size of the dollhouse will be governed by two factors. Firstly, is the amount of space available, and secondly, the type of dolls that the kid wants to use in the dollhouse. If you are buying dolls to fit the dollhouse, then that will not be a problem. It must be noted that a wooden dollhouse is sturdy, has a quality touch, feel and look and of course can outlast that of a plastic equivalent.
A simple way of testing a kids interest in a dollhouse, is by taking her to a dollhouse store, and carefully observe how she responds to ownership of her very own dollhouse. Surely all of those dolls she owns need a place to stay, so it is without much convincing that you will see just what a dollhouse will mean to her. Dollhouse play is a way that children get to mimic and play out social interactions in a family or between friends in their own world. It gives them a sense of authority or control, and this develops into responsibility. Little girls can spend hours on end just sitting in front of their dollhouse and remain fascinated in their toy wonderland. Dollhouses become family heirlooms, and yield beautiful memories for those who once owned these houses. They represent the ideal gift in that they are durable and interest can always be renewed by simply adding new furniture/ wall dressings etc to give it a new fresh look. Unlike other toys that simply get packed away, a dollhouse is an item of decor in the kids room that stands tall for her to see, and be reminded of just how much she is loved.
We also manufacture matching furniture for our dollhouses, as well as other wooden toys for boys too!
Take a look through our web site, or visit us at our factory in Modderfontein to thoroughly appreciate the quality and feel of our dollhouses.